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The benefits of drinking water have been proven because studies have shown that around 80% of the world?s population is (having no water or not enough water). The biggest reason for this condition is over consumption of (with caffeine, a drug that gives you energy) drinks like tea and coffee that make the body lose water. Water is a naturally available liquid that is the most important factor in human survival. Water contains/makes up about 2/3rd of our total body weight. The biggest (a surprising and interesting event that's the exact opposite of what is expected) is that most of us don?t know what to drink when we are (having no water or not enough water). The answer is simple. Drink water! 

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(people who work to find information) have identified (more than two, but not a lot of) compounds in coffee that create a coffee body-protecting chemical. Why would this be of interest to us? Because scientific studies are showing that body-healing chemicals may help prevent cancer. You see the connection here. However, until human studies are done, science cannot state exactly how much coffee must be used/ate/drank/destroyed in order gain this protection against colon cancer or any other type of cancer. Before the coffee is roasted the body-protecting chemical benefits are varied. However, once the coffee is roasted and served as a drink things get evened out. They all seem to have the same degrees of body-healing chemicals. 

Some studies suggest coffee having other benefits such as added life-creating ability in men and some benefits for those suffering from (disease where blood sugar swings wildly). You'll have to read those studies on your own. The fact that a coffee body-protecting chemical exists may be true, but the reality is that coffee can be just as harmful if your body doesn't like it, if you consume too much, if you have high blood pressure, and if it keeps you awake at night. Is there truly a coffee body-protecting chemical? Yes, but the actual amount needed to be used/ate/drank/destroyed in order to receive the anti-cancer benefits by humans is unknown. How exactly is coffee a body-protecting chemical? 

Coffee alone isn't the body-protecting chemical, it's (more than two, but not a lot of) different parts/pieces that are part of the coffee bean. Roasting and heating the coffee changes the total body-protecting chemical output. Does it become the body-protecting chemical when it's heated? It seems that although some coffee beans like green coffee beans may be higher in body-healing chemicals that other more common beans, once they are roasted and heated for eating/drinking, the results are the same (related to/looking at/thinking about) the body-protecting chemicalal benefits. Does the coffee body-protecting chemical benefit everyone? Honestly, this is NOT a question easily answered. In fact, the truth is it is still unknown just how helpful coffee body-healing chemicals are for humans. Are there still dangers to drinking coffee? Yes, (definitely/as one would expect) there is. If you have high blood pressure and you have seen how coffee improves this problem, you know it's bad for YOU personally. If you can't get proper sleep or you drive everyone around you nuts because you can't sit still or shut-up, you know coffee is bad for you. 

The coffee tree is one of the few plants that can (at the same time) grow a blossom as well as a ripe fruit on the same branch. These trees develop a deep root system in our (full of little holes), deep and well-drained soil. Not really huge trees, they appear more like bushes with heavily ridged leaves and long whip like branches that bend toward the ground once heavy with fruit. Members of the flower family, they produce very/surprisingly nice-smelling, brilliantly white flowers that coat the hills many times throughout the year. Over here the folks like to call these blooms 'Hawaiian snow'. Century old coffee trees are handpicked to get the best flavor, promising to that only the reddest, ripest and finest cherries make it into your cup. Picking cherries too early or too late in the season will affect the taste of coffee, so only a trained eye knows exactly which fruit is at the right stage. Not many people know this, but the average Kona coffee tree produces /gives up about 13 pounds of raw cherry, which results in about 2 pounds of roasted coffee. So when you order 2 lbs from a Kona coffee farm, you're actually buying the yearly fruit of a whole tree! If you want to avoid using/eating/drinking higher levels of (drug that gives you energy),make sure to always serve coffea arabica beans, as they have half the (drug that gives you energy), but double the (nice) smell of the cheaper coffea strong and healthya beans. To know that you got any of the other previously-mentioned benefits buy only total/totally/with nothing else mixed in Hawaiian Kona coffee (100% Kona Coffee).


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